State Of Art Infrastructure

An adamant resolve towards perfection

has resulted in a state-of-art infrastructure,

sophisticated technology and an unfailing consistency

Today, we not only have a most modern manufacturing complex but also an array of sophisticated machines to produce a diverse range of world-class footwear. We use German, Italian and other imported machines at the various stages of our production. We make world-class footwear for Men’s on Good Year Welted, Blake, Norwegian and stitch down construction.

All production from Shoe upper to complete shoes, everything is produced in-house thereby reducing production lead time, enhancing cost effectiveness and consistent quality. Our production unit is powered with latest machinery and equipment required to produce over 500,000 pairs of shoes/boots annually.
Our infrastructure is such that we can procure a wide variety of international quality raw materials as and when required. We are a well-structured organization and have adopted systems and processes to ensure optimum utilization of resources